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Russia. Photos of cities in the Moscow region

Today photo tourism is developed all over the world. This hobby is popular among both young and older people. There are also no restrictions due to the different level of income: you can go on a photo tour with both professional equipment and the most ordinary small camera. The most important thing in photography tourism is an unforgettable experience that can be experienced over and over again by looking at the pictures taken during the trip. Going on a photo tour, you choose a place rich in sights in advance. It is not necessary to fly to Europe, or even travel to exotic countries. A beginner photo-tourist can practice within his homeland.

It is better to start exploring the expanses of the homeland from large cities and regions. The first reason is the developed infrastructure. If you like comfort in everything, you cannot do without a good hotel with quality service, a well-established transport system and a lot of entertainment. The second is a set of very diverse, well-known attractions. One of such regions is Moscow.

The first people on the territory of the modern Moscow region appeared more than twenty thousand years ago. The Slavs began to develop this land in the 10th century. In the middle of the XII century, the lands of the Moscow region became part of the Vladimir-Suzdal principality. Moscow was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgoruky and became the center of the unification of Russian appanage principalities after fragmentation.

Today the Moscow region is considered the best place for recreation. Here you will find all kinds of sanatoriums and boarding houses; forests are located on the territory of almost the entire region. But the most interesting are the estates, monasteries and museums.

It is very easy to take a photo in the Moscow region - sights surround you almost at every step. For example, in Balashikha you will find the Art Gallery and the Museum of the Air Defense Forces. A photo of the city of Balashikha, Moscow Region, will perfectly complement your collection of photographs. Vidnoye plays an important role in the culture of the region. You can take a photo in the city of Vidnoe, Moscow Region, literally anywhere: in the Museum-Reserve "Gorki Leninskie", the House-Museum of K.I. Chukovsky, the House-Museum of B.L. Pasternak, the Memorial Museum of Bulat Okudzhava.

Connoisseurs of Russian literature and simply educated people will definitely want to visit the city of Chekhov. Photos in Chekhov, Moscow Region, turn out to be special. After all, here you can completely immerse yourself in the culture of the Motherland and touch the work of the great writer.

You will also get wonderful photos of Solnechnogorsk, Dubna, Podolsk and other cities of the Moscow region.

Moscow region the town of Orekhovo-Zuevo
The city was founded: 1917