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Tourist trip to the city of Sintra, Portugal

Now it is hard to believe that the history of the original and amazingly beautiful Portuguese city of Sintra began in the 9-10th century with the Moorish fortress. However, already in the first half of the 12th century, the city was captured by the Portuguese king and turned into his summer residence.

Luxurious palaces, ruins of ancient castles and fortresses, unique natural monuments and much more allowed UNESCO in 1995 year to assign this fabulous place on earth the status of the World Heritage.

In fact, once in Sintra, you involuntarily feel like a fairytale hero, and everything that surrounds you is a scenery for a film. Just imagine: majestic mountains covered with forest, beautiful, well-kept small houses and luxurious palaces.

In addition to its magical beauty, Sintra is famous for its sights, of which there are a large number in the city. Among them are the National Palace, the dilapidated castle of the Moors, the Capuchin monastery and much more.

Of course, you should start getting to know the city from its historical center, which houses the National Palace.

So, the National Palace is the residence of kings, striking with its original architecture and non-standard color scheme, thanks to which the palace stands out from other buildings and looks like a fabulous creation. However, it cannot be said about him that he amazes with his splendor and luxury. Of course, its interiors are notable for their beauty and wealth, all the ceilings are magnificently painted, luxurious furniture is everywhere, and the colored stained-glass windows are mesmerizing with their originality. But, despite this, the National Palace is still a residential building, which immediately catches the eye.

It is also interesting to visit the dilapidated ancient castle of the Moors, which looks like a formidable medieval fortress and is located on one hill.

There is another very popular place for tourists in Sintra, filled with mysticism - the palace and park complex Quinta da Regaleira, included in the List of World Heritage Sites. However, most of all tourists are attracted by the 30-meter Well of Dedication, which has 9 tiers, symbolizing the circles of hell. The bottom of the well is decorated with a mosaic Templar cross.

In conclusion, I would like to note that Sintra deserves a leisurely and thorough acquaintance, so I would like to wish you a happy journey!

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