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Russia. Photos of Aleksin, Tula Region

Aleksin - an opportunity to plunge into history

Aleksin is a city with an amazing history that goes back centuries. There are two versions explaining the origin of this city and its name. The first is connected with legends that send us back to the end of the 13th century and claim that the city was founded by the first Moscow prince Daniil Alexandrovich, the son of the legendary Alexander Nevsky. According to more official sources - the Nikon Chronicle - the city was founded in 1348.

Wealth of attractions - historical heritage

In any case, coming to Aleksin, it is impossible not feel the age-old spirit reigning here. Having gone through all the trials, from the Golden Horde to the economic cataclysms of Soviet perestroika, the city has shown amazing vitality and accumulated a huge number of historical sights that can tell a lot about its long and difficult history of formation.

According to some, the city got its name in honor of Metropolitan Alexy, to whom it was transferred to the care of in 1354. Perhaps for this reason, there are so many cult sights here - the buildings of the monastery, Orthodox churches and cathedrals. But these are not the only architectural monuments that can be captured when visiting Aleksin.

For connoisseurs of A.P. Chekhov will be an interesting and iconic house of Bera, or, as it is also called, the "master's house", the building of the second part of the 19th century. According to local legends, it was in this house that the Chekhov brothers stopped on their return from Europe. In addition to Anton Pavlovich, the city was "consecrated" by their presence in different periods of history by such outstanding personalities as Zhukovsky, Richter, Pasternak, Polenov and others. And it is not surprising that for creative people Aleksin was so attractive. After all, the nature here is amazing in its beauty.

The beauty of the Russian expanses

The city is located on the Central Russian Upland and therefore its relief is mostly hilly, which gives its landscapes a special flavor and volumetric perspectives. Modern Aleksin is divided into two parts by Okoy, which can be compared to a time line. On one of its banks is the district of Zarechye - old Aleksin, and on the other - Sotsgorod, which has grown up today on the site of the former settlements.

It is believed that the place where both districts are connected by a pedestrian the bridge over the Oka is amazingly beautiful. This means that you should definitely visit it to take a picture in memory of your trip to Aleksin!

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