Photo trip around Russia and the world


Photos of cities around the world

A photo-tourist is an active and cheerful person. He never stops there. He is attracted by everything new, interesting and unknown. He wants to learn as much as possible not only about his homeland, but about the whole world! On the peculiarities of national cultures, customs, traditions. A photo-tourist goes on a fascinating trip abroad.

Photo abroad opens up new borders, allows you to look at familiar things in a new way. Photos from other countries will remind you for a long time of a wonderful vacation and unforgettable adventures.

Beginning photographers are in a hurry to capture the most "significant" and famous landmarks. Of course, you need to bring with you from your vacation the memory of the most important and characteristic features of the place where you have been. But do not get carried away with photographing those places with photos of which the Internet is "full". They are not just not original, they are "faceless". It is important to find such a perspective so that the photo from abroad reflects the atmosphere into which you were lucky enough to plunge. In this case, a photo of another country will not only become a fond memory, but it may also earn many positive ratings and comments from loved ones, as well as Internet users, if you wish to share your masterpiece with your friends on social networks or the whole world.

When visiting other countries (especially far abroad), we not only "put a tick": "I visited the country # 1, # 2 etc", we do not just take thousands of pictures, but immerse ourselves in the culture, history of the country, we enrich ourselves spiritually. Visits to countries whose culture is fundamentally different from their native ones are especially interesting and memorable. In this case, visiting other countries turns out to be more useful and interesting than traveling around the homeland. Of course, it is imperative to know the peculiarities of the culture of your country, but only a versatile knowledge based not only on the example of a single country allows you to draw the right conclusions.

Photos from abroad are always bright, unique, filled with energy and life. No matter which corner of the world you decide to visit, your photos from abroad should evoke admiration and the desire to see with your own eyes the miracle captured in the picture. A high-quality photo abroad is probably the best way to convey to your loved ones those emotions that overwhelmed you during your trip!