Photo trip around Russia and the world


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Photography is the greatest invention of mankind! And it's hard to argue with the fact that photography is a "time machine". Looking through the shots taken during memorable events, holidays, travels, we seem to find ourselves in that wonderful time again. Pictures keep the memory of our loved ones: friends and relatives with whom we parted for some reason ...

Photography is also a way of communication. Looking through the works of famous photographers, we immerse ourselves in the world of wonderful art, and the pictures of family and friends illustrate their stories in the best possible way.

Photos taken during travel deserve special attention. How many emotions, impressions, and possibly secrets and mysteries they keep in themselves! Traveling to various cities, we will definitely leave a photo - a memory of a wonderful time, a piece of unforgettable impressions and a piece of warmth of those people with whom fate brought us during the trip.

In our photo city you will see photos of Russian cities: large and small, famous and not so. All of them have one thing in common: vivid emotions that must be shared with other people.

In our small cozy town you will definitely find something new, exciting and, of course, interesting. Landscape photography enthusiasts will surely be attracted by city nature photography. How can you not admire the snow-covered trees, snow-white, sparkling snowdrifts, from which the sun is so beautifully reflected? What could be more beautiful than a photo of a snowy city against a sunset background?

Autumn landscapes are no less mesmerizing spectacle. It doesn't matter whether you are looking at a photo of a big city or a very small one - everywhere the streets are covered with a wonderful carpet of colorful leaves.

Many of our friends (as well as colleagues and hobbyists) will be interested in photos of old cities ... Studying history, we, as a rule, learn only "dry" facts, much better - "touch" it, see with our own eyes the battlefield of the great armies, "look" into the house of a famous writer or admire the palace in which the Russian tsars and emperors lived. Even the most inveterate traveler can hardly boast that he has seen all the cities of Russia, especially if the traveler is still very young and simply did not have time to fulfill all his dreams and visit many places. Of course, even high-resolution photos of cities will not completely replace the impressions of the trip, but at least such photos will at least a little bit, but will bring you closer to the cherished place, and therefore, will give you a lot of positive emotions. And what could be better for a photographer (and just for a person) than to share your joy with someone?