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Photo Gallery: Aleksin is a beautiful old town in the Tula region

Aleksin is a small old town in the Tula region, according to official sources, founded in the first half of the 14th century.

There are many attractions in Aleksin that annually attract the attention of a large the number of tourists.

The oldest city churches are St. Nicholas (second half of the 18th century), the Old Assumption Cathedral (late 17th century), badly damaged during the years of Soviet power and restored at the beginning of the 21st century, as well as New Assumption Cathedral (early 19th century). At some distance from the New Assumption Cathedral there is the Belfry, built with the funds of the church, but with the help of benefactors. Also, next to the Assumption churches, at the site of the deaths of victims of political repression, a chapel was erected.

In addition, Aleksin is distinguished by its picturesque nature, which attracts more and more tourists.

House in town of Aleksin
House and road in town of Aleksin
Orthodox church
Russia. Aleksin. Orthodox church
Burial place of victims of political repression
Russia. Holy Dormition Cathedral in Aleksin
Historical places of the city of Aleksin
Historical places of the city of Aleksin